Artevitas Foundation 

(in Polish ”Fundacja ARTEVITAS im. prof. Wity Szulc”) 

is a registered non-government organization in Poland

It was founded in 2023 by prof. Jan Fazlagić (President). Its management body includes dr. Katarzyna Lis (Vice-President) and prof. Lilianna Nowak (member of the board). The scientific council is chaired by prof. Elżbieta Walkowiak with two members: prof. Anita Stefańska and Agnieszka Beszczyńska.

The first main and endevour of the foundation was organising the “Art Therapy for Life Conference” in 2022. The second edition of the conference will be held in 2023. 

The main goals of the foundation include the popularisation of the work and legacy of professor Wita Szulc through a variety of educational and research projects in the field of art therapy, creativity and related fields.

We kindly invite all persons interested in cooperation with our foundation to join us with your ideas and enthusiasm!

Jan Fazlagić

„Arteterapia dla życia – Art Therapy For Life” 
 – dobre praktyki w nauce i biznesie” 2023